Brushless dental jewelery hand pieces for sculpture of stones, carving – Carbon Fiber Gift

Brushless dental jewelery hand pieces for sculpture of stones, carving High Torque 10Ncm Power

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Product Description
Production name
103 double locator brushless dental handpieces for sculpture
Input for the high speed rotating handle pieces
brushless micro motor handpiece
Max Torque
3.5N.CM / 6.5N.CM / 8N.CM / 10N.CM / 12N.CM / OEM acceptable
Rotating speed
MAX 35,000RPM /50000RPM/ 60000RPM/ 90000RPM/OEM acceptable
Abrasive accessories for the handle pieces
2.35mm/3mm/3.175mm (3mm->2.35mm adapter can as a gift for you if you can introduce our production to your friend)
Nail drill / carving machine standard packing
inner paper box packing /  innner plastic box packing, then packing in carton.
Item number
AT-A1 Jewelry carving and polishing/ olive nucleus engrave/ stone carving/ dentistry polish/ other function developed by the customer
Sample time
Mass production time
3-15days (OEM style need check with the design, estimate 10-30days)
Payment method
Paypal 5% bank fee; TT 50USD bak fee per payment; alibaba insurance contract 2.5% bank fee; Western Union no bank fee you can
select the payment method you prefer
103 double locator
1. This product is developed for dental technicians. It can use also be used in jewelry processing, nail art, polishing, handicraft carving, mold processing, electronics and other industries.
Thank you for purchasing our products, Maintain properly and replace the products parts timely can extend the service life of the product.
In order to improve and upgrade the products, may adjust products' appearance and configuration without notice.
2. Product warranty
Handle warranty for 6 months, excluding wearing parts. Such as three-lobe spring (chuck), shaft core, small shaft core, bearing; the control box and pedal are guaranteed for one year.
3. Charged service items
Malfunction caused by user's fault:
3.1) Damage caused by using mismatched voltage
3.2) Damage caused by improper use and change of usage
3.3) Damage caused by accidental drop during installation or moving
3.4) Damage caused by using non-original accessories
3.5) Damage caused by maintenance or user disassembly not approved by our company
3.6) Damage caused by abnormal use
4. Maintenance advice
4.1) please keeps clean and dry around the rotation of the handle
4.2) when there is dust and dirt inside or outside the handle, please wipe it with a little alcohol, but avoid a large amount of
alcohol or moisture penetrating into the bearing. The inside of the handle cannot be fill with oil (the bearing will become too
hot to use), nor the water (the bearing will rust and damage)
4.3) you can use an air gun to clean it, but pay attention to the gas from the air gun may contain moisture. Be sure to avoid
water vapor blowing into the bearing to prevent rust.
5) Our brushless handpieces can match all our carving machine (if the machin tyle is brushless style), you can buy together.
6) If there is a 3mm->2.35mm adapter gift request, please send an inquiry to contact customer service, in order to we can packing it together for your delivery


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