Card Money Holder – Carbon Fiber Gift
Carbon Fiber aramid Kevlar Card Money Holder-1

Card Money Holder

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Hold on Small size a Big capacity + RFID Protection.

1- High Quality Real Carbon Fiber Plain or Twill Wave + Silicone Bands.
2- Can Hold Many Bills/Caches.
3- Nice Design Luxury Carbon Fiber Wallet-Holder.
4- Can take a lot of cards between 1 and 12 cards and 1 and 15 bills.
5- The bills MUST be put and slide inside.
6- You can arrange and safe your bills in your cloths.
7- Lightweight.
8- Slim and Small.
9- Minimalist Style.
10- Glossy-Black Color.
11- In package - 1pc Cards/bills holder.

Silicon: Anti-wear, warp resistant, temperature resistant
Carbon fiber panel: Light but strong, Weight light as 20%~30% steel,10 times hard than steel.

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