Hande made Carbon Fiber Guitar Pick for alls types guitar mandoline basse new – Carbon Fiber Gift

Real Carbon Fiber Guitar Pick for Bass Lead Folk Guitar Banjo Mandoline Folk Bouzuki Ukulele and others Cords Instruments

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Real Carbon Fiber Pick for Bass Guitar Banjo Mandoline Folk Buzuki and others Instruments


As part of our continued quest to bring you the latest in advanced guitar accessories, we are thrilled to present our "Hand Made" most innovative guitar pick. At just 1.5mm thick, it’s between the hard pick in the world. Crafted from 3k plain carbon fiber, giving it serious strength and incredible playing. This pick will give you unrivalled control and confidence through the fantastic clarity of sound it generates, giving rise to amazingly warm tones, which take your playing to the next level!


1- Hande Made Universal Guitar Pick.
2- Made from Full Real Carbon Fiber.

3- Wave of Carbon Fiber - Plain.

4- Color - Black with littl grey.

5- Light Weight.

6- Approx. 28x28x1.5mm .
7- For Electric Lead Guitars, Jazz, Bass, Mandoline, Folk Guitar, Banjo and others cords instruments.



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